Monback, October 13, 2012

The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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.... brought to you by Monback Brothers Trash Hauling and


TR: Monback....monback.....monback....(CRASH) That's good.

DR: We're Monback Brothers. Other trash haulers just haul away the trash you put out at the curb. At Monback Brothers we're more pro-active.

TR: This your newspaper?

GK: That's my Sunday Times.

TR: That's the Sunday Times from two Sundays ago.

GK: I'm not done reading it.

TR: And here's last Sunday's.

GK: I'm not done with the crossword.

TR: Let me see that. (RUSTLE OF PAPER) Twenty-four down----- that's "defenestrate"----

GK: Throw out the window?

TR: Right. "Defenestrate."

GK: So 24 across is not "journal"----

TR: No, it's "diurnal" ---- meaning "daily"-----

GK: Oh.

TR: Most of the crossword is wrong. I hate to tell you, but----

GK: You're sure?

TR: We'll just take this off your hands. (THROWS IN TRASH) And these books here? You read these yet?

GK: No, but---

TR: I don't think you're going to. (THROWS IN TRASH)

GK: No?

TR: We'll take these, and these old videotapes? You're not going to watch those.

GK: No?

TR: You never figured out how to work that VCR---- did you?

GK: Well, the manual was sort of confusing----

TR: We'll take that too. (TOSSES IT IN JUNK) Look. Now you've got a whole extra room.

GK: Okay, but don't take those old magazines. I'm going to go through them and clip out interesting articles (BIG BUNDLE LANDS IN JUNK)

DR: Hey. We know what's trash. We're in the trash business.

TR: (TRUCK BACKING) Monback....monback....monback (BIG CRASH)....that's good.

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