Second Chance, October 13, 2012

The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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Second Chance

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GK: .....after a word from Second Chance, a member of the Organization of Federated Associations. At Second Chance we believe there is goodness in just about everyone, and nobody should be punished indefinitely for making a mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance.

TR: My name is Glen and until a few months ago I was locked up in a minimum-security federal prison for masterminding a Ponzi scheme that stole a billion dollars from thousands of investors and left them homeless on welfare. And now, thanks to Second Chance, I'm on parole and employed as a political consultant.

SS: I'm Glen's caseworker at Second Chance. Now he's released from jail for twelve hours a day, wearing his ankle bracelet, and performing useful work advising candidates for public office on their economic programs.

TR: I believe that federal over-regulation has created an anti-business atmosphere that inhibits entrepreneurs. My Ponzi scheme was wrong, but it did create hundreds of jobs. It's time to take the ankle bracelets off the business community and let them do what they do best and exercise their ingenuity.

SS: If your company is willing to take a convicted Wall Street felon under its wing and give him another chance, get in touch.

GK: ....Second Chance. If you made a very bad mistake, wouldn't you want a second chance?

TR (BUSH): I sure would. I was the decider for eight years and now that I'm out on the street, I've decided it's time to look forward and let bygones be bygones. Let's believe in America again. Thank you.

GK: Second Chance. A member of the Federated Association of Organizations.

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