Unilayer, January 26, 2013

Overture Center for the Arts

Madison, WI

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GK: ....after a word from UniLayer.


FN: I'm crazy about you, you know that?

SS: You make me crazy.

FN: I want to be naked with you.

SS: You do?

FN: I can't bear it.

SS: It's two in the afternoon.

FN: I just want to jump in the sack with you and make love.

SS: I do too-- but----

FN: What's wrong? You feel it. I know you feel it.

SS: It's just that I'd have to take off the parka and the scarf and mittens and the leggings and the sweatpants and the corduroys and the two sweaters and the turtleneck and the thermal and the undershirt and the socks and the underwear and by the time I did, the magic would be broken and then afterward I'd have to get dressed again and my clothes would be cold. (DARK BRIDGE)

GK: Passion in winter can be a problem, but not when you wear UniLayer thermal ---- it's one convenient garment that includes underwear, pants, shirt, scarf, you name it, a onesie for grownups. With one zipper down the front.

SS: Want to jump in the sauna?

FN: Sure. Why not? (TWO ZIPS).

GK: That's UniLayer, from United Clothing. (BIG HONK CHORD)

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