PSA, February 2, 2013

Overture Center for the Arts

Madison, WI

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GK: ....after a message from PSA.... ...How should a man propose marriage to a woman? Should he do it at a major sporting event? (BALLPARK ORGAN STRIKES UP "WEDDING MARCH"

SS: Oh my gosh—is that me? Chad, why is my face on the JumboTron?

TR (P.A. ANNOUNCER): Julie Johnson in section 104, row 34, seat 9, Chad in seat 10 asks: Will you marry me? (HUGE CHEERS).

SS (HISSING): Chad, how could you? This is so bad. So humiliating!

TR (P.A. ANNC): What's your answer, Julie? (CHEERS, OFF)



GK: How about at a restaurant?

SS: Wow, that is a giant burrito.

FN: All for you, babes.

SS: What did you get?

FN: Fajitas.

SS: I don't know if I can finish that whole thing. (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Oh no, it's the guitar guy. Why is he coming over here?

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia
Will you marry me, Julie? I love you, Chad. arriba y arriba
Y arriba y arriba.

FN: Did you hear what he said?

SS: Um, yeah. I'm gonna have to think about this.

GK: Or can you propose to someone simply by texting them?

TR: What. R. U Doing 2nite?


SS: Nothing. U?

TR: Will u Marry me?

SS: What??! Frowney face frowney face!

GK: Or should one try the traditional approach?

TR: For Julie's hand, Mr. Weinbrenner, I offer you fifty head of sheep (SFX), fourteen cattle (SFX), and this thoroughbred horse (SFX). Plus this bag full of shekels. (THUMP)

FN: You are a good boy, Chad.

TR: Plus this prize bull (SFX), this slave girl (SS FOREIGN CHATTER, JINGLE OF EARRINGS), these two camels (SFX), and a third baseman to be named later.

FN: You are a good boy. Go. Be happy.

GK: See? It's the traditional way that gets the girl. If you're in love with someone, never underestimate the influence of the father. Lavish gifts, feasting (FN: Bring in the roasted goat!), extravagant praise (FN: Oh Worshipful Master and Serene Presence, I your unworthy servant kneel humbly at your feet and do beseech you for the honor of marriage to your daughter Julie.), (SHEEP). The way to win the hand of a girl is to ask the man who she loves more than she'll ever love you. A message from P.S.A., the Paternal Society of America.

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