Presidents, February 16, 2013

The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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GK: Presidents' Day is Monday, and here to offer some perspective on the holiday is our own commander in Chief. Mr. President. And a few friends.

TR (OBAMA): Hello everybody. God bless America. And thanks for tuning in to the State of the Union speech. That was me, the guy in the middle, with Joe Biden and John Boehner both wishing they were the guy in the middle, but there are reasons why they are not, let me tell you. Presidents' Day is to honor our first president, George Washington, and also Abraham Lincoln, both of them born in February. William Henry Harrison was also born in February but it is not about him. Just Washington and Lincoln. Thank you.

TR (BUSH): Presidents' Day has always held a special place in my heart, because it usually involves some kinda sale. 50% off, 75% off—it doesn't get better than that. If you're looking for a used car, there's no better time than Presidents' Day to get out there and make a deal. Maybe one of those things where you're not sure if it's a car or a truck. I love those things.

SS (HILLARY): I always said it takes a village to raise a child, and as soon as 2017 rolls along, every child is going to have that village. So keep that in mind.

TR (CLINTON): Isn't she great? Don't you love her? I do. And I don't know that Presidents' Day isn't about me. I just think it isn't about me yet. And so sometimes I like to put the apostrophe between the T and the S, instead of at the end. President's Day. I just like the sound of it.

TR (OBAMA): Anyway, have a good Presidents' Day everybody, whether you're working or have the day off. I won't have the day off. Just so you know.

TR (BUSH): I have the day off. I have every day off now. And it's fantastic. I don't know why I didn't do this a long long time ago.

TR (BUSH SR): And don't forget about me. Old 41. Still ticking down here in Texas. Yeah, Bar and I, both of us grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, and moved to Texas so our kids wouldn't grow up to be liberal Republicans and so they'd stand a chance to become President, which one of them did. Anyway, that was the plan.

TR (REAGAN): This is a recording. Hello to you on Presidents' Day and just a reminder that I too was born in February and so if you wanted to include me in with Washington and Lincoln, that would make me very very happy.

GK: And a happy President's Day to all of you.

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