Café Boeuf, April 20, 2013

Bass Concert Hall

Austin, TX

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Café Boeuf

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GK: This portion of our show brought to you by the Café Boeuf Austin, with your host, Francois the maitre'd ----

TR: Aus-TAN.

GK: Aus-Tan.

TR: Non non non. Café Boeuf Aus-TANN.

GK: Bon jour, Francois.

TR: What brochure? I have no brochures.

GK: A table for one, s'il vous plait?

TR: Chevrolet? Where?

GK: Une table pour une.

TR: What about a prune. We do not serve prunes here.

GK: Here. This is good. Tres bien.

TR: Evian?

GK: Non, non, non.

TR: Do you care to hear the specials today, monsieur?

GK: No, thanks. I'd like a salad, please.

TR: En salade. Excellent. And what else?

GK: That's all.

TR: Une salade.

GK: Oui.

TR: Wee? You need a men's room?

GK: One salad.

TR: You want the salad in the men's room?

GK: No, no. And no dressing.

TR: If you are undressing, you should do that in the men's room.

GK: Salad dressing. On the side. Okay?

TR: Okay. How about a nice wine?

GK: What do you recommend?

TR: I recommend the (FRENCH). Or if you prefer a vin rouge, the (FRENCH). Or the (FRENCH) is also excellent. As we would say (FRENCH PHRASE OF PRAISE).

GK: Well, let me have a glass of the last one.

TR: Which one, monsieur?


TR: I'm sorry, you have left your suitcase at the train station?

GK: Never mind.

TR: What do you expect me to do about that, monsieur? I am only a maitre'd, I am not your personal assistant. (HE MUTTERS IN FRENCH)

GK: A message from the Café Boeuf Austin.

TR: Aust-ANN.

GK: That's what I said. Where the elite meet to greet and eat. An oasis of refinement here in the city of Austin.

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