Fisher's Coffee, May 4, 2013

Ted Constant Convocation Center

Norfolk, VA

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Fisher's Coffee

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GK: ...brought to you by Fisher's Coffee...(MUSIC UNDER)...for when you really need coffee (SHIP HITTING ICEBERG, FOOTSTEPS RUNNING)

GK: We hit the iceberg, sir. The first, second, third, and fourth compartments are all flooding---

TR: How many compartments are there?

GK: Five, sir.

TR: Hmmm. Not good. Go get me a cup of coffee, would you.

GK: The coffee is in the No. 3 compartment, sir.

TR: (PAUSE) All of it?

GK: Yes. Sir, we're going to have to start putting the lifeboats over the side. She's taking on water fast. I request permission to begin evacuation of passengers.

TR: Yes, of course. Go ahead. Whatever you feel is best. (SERIES OF COMMANDS: ABANDON SHIP, KLAXON, GENERAL CONFUSED CRIES) Wasn't there a can of coffee in the officers mess?

GK: It might be decaf.

TR: Ha! No way is it decaf. What are we, a bunch of 11 year old girls? Go make me a cup of coffee. Strong. Caffeinated. With sugar, no cream.

GK: But sir---

TR: That's an order, sir. (THROUGH MEGAPHONE) Ladies and gentlemen, let me assure that everything is going exactly as it should for an emergency of this type. So don't panic. And the coffee is on the way... (MUSIC UP)


Give me a cup
And fill it up
With Fisher's Coffee please
O, what a brew
It's good for you
And for your family.

Fisher's Café
The best today
The finest in the pot.
Dear Fisher's Coffee's
Awf'lly good
Especia'lly when it's hot! Whoo!

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