Meeting, May 25, 2013

Filene Center at Wolf Trap

Vienna, VA

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SS: All in favor of the meeting coming to order.

SS & GK: Aye.

SS: All opposed.

TR: Nay.

SS: : The meeting is in order. (GAVEL) I move that we talk about where our relationship is headed.

GK: I move that we postpone that motion indefinitely.

SS: Your motion does not have a second.

GK: Dang it.

SS: Motion to postpone discussion is rejected. Motion to discuss relationship is adopted. Point of information. How long have we been dating?

GK: 2 1/2 years.

SS: Point of information. Why, when we were at the fundraiser last weekend, did you introduce me as your quote "friend" unquote?

GK: Point of order. This feels like a personal attack.

SS: I move that we amend original motion to also include the topic of whether we are going to move in together anytime soon.

GK: I move that those two motions be considered separately.

SS: All in favor say aye.

GK&SS: Aye.

SS: Opposed.

TR: Nay.

GK: Motion to introduce a special request.

SS: Motion seconded.

GK: Will you marry me, Rochelle?

SS: Point of information: Are you serious?

GK: I am. Motion to present the ring.

SS: Point of information: I thought you were going to break up with me tonight--

GK: I considered it. Unless you were going to break up with me, and then I was going to ask you to marry me.

SS: Point of clarification.

GK: Denied. Motion to present the ring.

SS: Motion seconded. (BLING) Wow! I ask consent to express wonderment and gratitude.

GK: I have no objection.

SS: Oh my gosh it's beautiful! Motion to vote on marriage.

GK: All in favor of this marriage say aye.

GK&SS: Aye.

GK: All opposed.

TR: Nay.

GK: Point of information—who's that guy who's voting Nay?

SS: That's Bradley. The guy I was going to meet up with if you dumped me tonight.

GK: Oh. Motion to suspend previous marriage proposal indefinitely.

SS: That motion is not seconded.

GK: The motion dies. Marriage moves forward.

SS: Motion to vote on marriage proposal.

GK: Motion seconded.

SS: Motion to accept marriage proposal.

GK: Motion seconded.

SS: All in favor say aye.

GK&SS: Aye

SS: All opposed.

TR: Nay.

SS: The motion is adopted. We're engaged!

TR: I rise on a point of personal privilege.

GK: You have no personal privilege. Sit down.

TR: Requesting permission to speak.

SS: Motion to permit Bradley to speak.

GK: I move that we adjourn and have dinner.

SS: There is already a motion on the floor to allow Bradley to speak.

GK: I do not second it.

SS: Then I will not second your motion to adjourn.

GK: Okay. I second the motion to permit Bradley to speak, and I amend the motion to allow him thirty seconds.

SS: I second. Motion adopted. Bradley----

TR: One. You two are not meant for each other and everyone knows it except you. Two. He---- Greg----- your alleged fiancé ---- is a pipsqueak and a nincompoop. And three, I am holding a loaded pistol. Come with me, Rochelle. Only I can make you happy.

SS: Bradley---- you have to put that in the form of a motion.

TR: Uh—in the form of a motion— how do I do that?

GK: Here, how about I make this motion---- (SWING, KONK, TR REACT, FALL)

GK: Motion to adjourn meeting and have dinner.

SS: Motion seconded. All in favor say aye.

GK&SS: Aye.

SS: All opposed. Meeting adjourned. Oh Greg.

GK: Oh Rochelle.

SS: Greg.

GK: Rochelle.

SS: Oh Greg. Is there a motion to kiss me?

GK: I so move.


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