August 3, 2013 // Show #1404

Perfect Words and All That Voice

Emmylou Harris

This week on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, a summer repeat of our jam-packed March 2011 broadcast from The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennesse. Emmylou Harris sings "Darlin' Kate," The Civil Wars perform "Poison and Wine," Sam Bush and Stuart Duncan play "Diamond Joe," and Sara Watkins joins Garrison on "Tomorrow is Forever." In Lake Wobegon, town constables Gary and Leroy respond to a dispute at the Magendantz home.


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  • Segment 1
    • 00:00:00 APM Logo
    • 00:00:11 Tishomingo Blues
    • 00:00:55 GK V.O. OPEN
    • 00:02:43 GK Talks, Spaghetti w/GAS Band
    • 00:06:53 GK talks with Sam Bush
    • 00:08:03 "Diamond Joe" - Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan and GAS Band
    • 00:12:11 The Lives of the Cowboys (w/Emmylou Harris and Sara Watkins)
    • 00:24:30 Powdermilk Biscuit Break
  • Segment 2
    • 00:26:08 GK intros The Civil Wars, "Barton Hollow"
    • 00:31:52 GK talks with The Civil Wars
    • 00:32:15 "From This Valley" - The Civil Wars
    • 00:36:17 "Railroad Blues" - Pat Donohue, w/S.Bush, S.Duncan, GAS Band
    • 00:40:13 Guy Noir script
    • 00:53:45 GK intros Emmylou Harris
    • 00:54:51 "Old Five and Dimers" - Emmylou Harris
    • 00:59:25 "If I Be Lifted Up" - Emmylou Harris, GK
    • 01:02:35 Intermission- "Cincinnati Rag"
  • Segment 3
    • 01:06:22 SFX script
    • 01:11:28 Greetings
    • 01:13:38 Fiddle Medley - Sara Watkins, Stuart Duncan, Sam Bush, GASB
    • 01:18:00 The Price- Sara Watkins and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 01:22:11 GK talks Nashville, Lower Broadway, Ryman, Dolly Parton
    • 01:24:11 Tomorrow is Forever- GK, Sara Watkins and The GAS Band
    • 01:27:05 GK talks with Emmylou Harris
    • 01:27:44 "Darling Kate"- Emmylou Harris
    • 01:31:04 "Take Your Burden to the Lord" - GK, Sara, Emmylou, and GASB
  • Segment 4
    • 01:34:53 News From Lake Wobegon
  • Segment 5
    • 01:45:49 "Poison and Wine" - The Civil Wars
    • 01:50:28 "River's Gonna Run" - Sam Bush, Emmylou, and GASB w/S.D.
    • 01:54:00 Credits
    • 01:55:03 "I Think of You" - GK, Sara Watkins, GASB
    • 01:56:11 Fiddle Tune
    • 01:57:26 "The Next Time I'm In Town" – GK, Pat Donohue, All

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