P.O.E.M., September 14, 2013

The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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GK: After this message from POEM, the Professional Organization of English Majors. The world is getting crowded, long lines, delays everywhere.

FN (P.A.): Attention, flight 2094 to New York LaGuardia has been delayed due to weather. Thank you for your patience.

GK: One more reason why you should always bring a book with you.

SS: She was tired of being short. Tired of tall people treating her like a child. She had tried wearing high heels but they made her feel unsteady. So she thought, What the heck, I'll just carry a gun. .

GK: So often people are not punctual. They say they'll meet you at noon and you wait in the restaurant and it's 12:15 and 12:20…..It's good to have a book with you.

TR: He was a quiet man, educated, with excellent manners, and nobody who knew him, not even his closest friends, could have guessed that he carried in his briefcase a bottle of liquid DNA --- one drop of which would turn a person into an elm tree.

SS: Oh hi. Sorry, I'm late.

FN: That's okay.

SS: What you reading?

FN: A book.

SS: What's it about?

FN: Sort of a thriller.

GK: You spend a lot of time, waiting. Waiting to check out at the Co-Op. (BABY CRIES)

SS: Honey. What kind of soy protein do you want? Use your words.

GK: Or you're 45th in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles ---

TR: Next person in line, please step down!

GK: You're on a bus in heavy traffic, going 5 miles an hour, and you're late for a meeting. It's good to have a book to read.

FN: He smiled at them, a cold thin smile. "So you thought I was just a programmer, did you. Well, guess again." He held out his left hand and from each fingernail came a bright blue laser beam that made them leap back in terror. "I own this company now," he said, coldly. "And I own you." He laughed a hard bitter laugh. "Come here, Mr. Bradford. Kneel before me."

GK: Books. They're as good as ever. A message from POEM, the Professional Organization of English Majors.

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