Raoul, October 5, 2013

The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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HM & GK:
Only you can drive me up the wall
Only you drive me to alcohol
You, my darlings, are
A sharp stone in my shoe
I have to get away from only you.

TR: It's a fact: the people who drive us to despair are our nearest and dearest. When you see a family smiling as they pose for a group picture, you're looking at people who have yelled at each other and hissed and slammed doors and broken glassware and china.

HM & GK:
Only you can make this change in me
My I.Q. goes down to 33----

TR: When you can't take it anymore and you need to get away, call Raoul and His Cool Car Service.

FN: Hi. Raoul here. Need a lift? Be right there, sweetheart.

TR: Raoul picks you up in his Cool Car and drives you around and he plays very cool music (FN SAX) and makes you a cool drink (FN: Here, sweetheart) and that's all you need, a break.

FN: I don't want to bad-mouth your family, but---- I'm amazed that you've stuck with those losers so long. You're the quality in that bunch, no doubt about that. They're lucky to have you.

HM & GK:
With Raoul you'll feel so loose and free
You are cool, as cool as you can be.
You ride around in Raoul's car
And you're nobody's fool----

FN: Give me a call, sweetheart.

HM & GK:
You're in the Cool
Car, driving with Raoul.

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