Hashtag, October 12, 2013

The Saenger Theatre

New Orleans, LA

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GK: Short attention spans: it's a problem and the new normal. People doing Twitter (SFX), getting text alerts (SFX), updating Facebook (SFX), uploading to Instagram, 6-second Vines, and a two-hour show like ours…

FN: Too long!!!!

GK: It's too long. Now you can get a 5-minute podcast of our show with just the highlights. (FN SEAGULL) (TR TENOR PHRASE) (SS SOUTHERN: Come on in. Make yourself comfortable.) No need to invest two hours of your life when you can get the gist in just five minutes. (PIANO RIFF. SS SOUTHERN: I was hoping you'd come. Have a seat. TRUMPET HIGH NOTE) It's hashtag-Home-Comp and it's available on android, blackberry, mobile, iPod, krainis, doohickey, and hackysack. (FN: Strong, good-looking, above average. BEETHOVEN PIANO CHORDS. FN BARKS. TR RUSSIAN. BAGPIPE. SS SOUTHERN: Mind if I make myself comfortable too? PIANO RHAPSODY IN BLUE MOTIF..) The world is moving faster and faster and we're moving with it. (NASCAR RACE. TR: If. And. Or. But. Until. Onto. So. Whereas. COON DOG CHASE. SS SOUTHERN: How do you like my cologne, honey?) Hashtag Home-Comp. (PIANO SHAVE&HAIRCUT) Short-form radio for today's listener. (GONG)

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

Lovingly selected from the earliest archives of A Prairie Home Companion, this heirloom collection represents the music from earliest years of the now legendary show: 1974–1976. With songs and tunes from jazz pianist Butch Thompson, mandolin maestro Peter Ostroushko, Dakota Dave Hull and the first house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band (Adam Granger, Bob Douglas and Mary DuShane).

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