P.O.E.M., November 2, 2013

The State Theatre

Minneapolis, MN

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GK:  After this message from POEM, the Professional Organization of English Majors. People say that the book is disappearing, but it just isn't true. As long as there is public transportation, there will be books.


SS (TO HERSELF): Oh my gosh, look who just got on the bus. That creepy guy. Thank goodness I have a book with me.

GK: Reading a book is a way of defending yourself against unwanted social interaction. Hold the book up high, close to your face and don't take your eyes off it.

SS (READING BOOK):  Sheila the wild goose flew high over the earth, over the fields of corn and the green pastures, over the rivers and the mountains. Other geese flew in V formation but Sheila flew alone. She had always flown solo because she liked to take her time and look at things and not just fly, fly, fly.

GK: A book is a tool for preventing conversations. And it tells people that you're a thoughtful and discerning person.

SS: My boss, Mr. Denman ---- I always thought he was a creep and a loser, but look---- he's reading a book. Guess I was wrong.

TR (READING BOOK): It was autumn and the vast herds of lemmings were migrating, heading toward the cliff, all except for Leonard. He was shy and so the other lemmings scorned him and refused to let him join them on their journey to mass suicide, and instead he stayed in a little ravine with plenty to eat and a cozy nest and lived for years past a lemming's life expectancy.

GK: If you have a job interview and you have a tiny resume and you're inarticulate, come early and sit in the waiting room and read a book and they'll form a good first impression of you.

FN (READING): Marshall was the only field mouse who wore glasses. A tiny pair of spectacles made by Mr. Opossum the Optometrist. Other field mice laughed at Marshall but when the great snowy owl came gliding over the corn stubble  to grab up little mice in its talons  it wasn't Marshall they picked up. The reflection from his lenses frightened the owls away. And so he lived to a ripe old age, not knowing that the very thing other field mice laughed at was his greatest defense.

GK: Books. They set you apart in a way that is beneficial to you.

TR (TO HIMSELF): Look, she's reading a book that's received favorable critical attention, not a piece of trash. Maybe I should get to know her better.

Non parle inglese?
You gotta be crazy
Anglais--- tres chic
That's the language you want to speak

GK: A message from POEM, the Professional Organization of English Majors.

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