A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

GK closes the Indiana State Fair show.

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A Message from Garrison Keillor:
The big silver DC-3 has been towed from the hangar, the Army surplus ammo boxes are being packed with microphones and cord, Arnie Kinsella is assembling his washboard and castanets and coconut shells, Fred Newman is practicing his woofs and dolphin cries and peacock shrieks, we are all losing weight and building upper body strength—because the Old Radio Show is off on another Rhubarb tour.

It's not a long tour by rock n' roll standards, but we have lawns to mow and children who weep and clutch at our ankles when we go out the door.

For the second leg of the Rhubarb tour, we've got seven more shows. Wish we could say we were taking a break in July, but as you may have heard, we have some other projects afoot.

These concerts will feature a thrilling Guy Noir adventure and the "Lives of the Cowboys" plus commercials for ketchup, rhubarb, and Powdermilk Biscuits, and of course the latest news from Lake Wobegon. The show will begin with Our National Anthem, sung in G—a personal cause, to make this great song singable—and close with "America the Beautiful" and "Goodnight, Ladies"—and include Pat Donohue and his soulful National Steel guitar and Andy Stein's wild fiddle and honking sax and the amazing Richard Dworsky at the keyboard. American classic music. Prudence Johnson and the Dept. of Folksong and her moist duets with the host. Fred doing the rockets and hooves and espresso machine.

It's a happy retrospective of some of what, over thirty years, has given us great pleasure, and we look forward to the whole thing, from "O say can you see" to the alabaster cities and the deep blue sea.

Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Amanda Jakl)

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BeauSoleil joined us for our final three Rhubarb shows. The State Fair ringmaster opened our show at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.
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The Indiana Honey Queen. BeauSoleil's Jimmy Breaux on the accordion.

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