Tour journal for July 26, 2013 — Cohasset, MA

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Notes from the Road

A Rainy Day on the Cohasset Hah-bah

PHC staffer Kate Swee is on the Radio Romance Tour with Garrison, Fred Newman, Aoife O'Donovan, Sara Watkins, and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band and will update us periodically from the road.

After a drizzly but exciting return to touring life in Danbury, I was back in the swing of things by the time we hit the quaint little town of Cohasset, MA. Located on the South Shore, I was hoping to take a nice walk down to the "hah-bah," but my plans were squashed by the many pockets of rain we experienced through the day. So, instead: off to the venue I went!

The drive down Cohasset's Main Street was like looking through the pages of a home and garden magazine; the grand estates on either side of the road were fashioned in a traditional colonial style, some with greenhouses, some sporting boat trailers, every one of them proudly waving an American flag above their front door. Some went even further to tout their patriotism, adding old Revolutionary cannons or steel wagon wheels as large lawn decorations. Though, I didn't see a single person outside in the rain; I could only assume the residents of Cohasset were staying warm and dry inside their manors, perhaps with a nice bowl of fresh "chow-dah."

Our spot for the day, the South Shore Music Circus, was probably the most aptly named venue I've ever been to, as it almost felt as if we were at a circus. The tent covering the theater-in-the-round was bright turquoise and yellow, enveloping the venue and probably visible from space; I half expected to see an elephant balancing on a beach ball, or perhaps a tight-rope walker performing a daring trick above a pool of alligators! Bright green walkways led the way to every entrance, giving yet another level of whimsy to this quaint, but playful place we came to enjoy — almost a "visual breath of fresh air" from the traditionalism of the town in general. And, to add more variety, the stage revolved in a circle throughout the entire show! A pleasure for the audience, I'm sure, but some of our performers were just a bit woozy after one too many turns...

Despite the rain, we performed for a packed house (and an energetic one at that!) Aoife O'Donovan was pleased to be back in her home state, and it was obvious that the residents of Massachusetts were glad to see her as well. Once, they even cheered for her for so long, they began chanting her name, and she quickly returned to the stage to perform one more impromptu duet with Garrison. The look of appreciation and bittersweet happiness in her eyes as she finished out the show (and her leg of the Radio Romance Tour) was evident, and filled with the gratitude and excited energy we all came to love during her two-week stint with us PHC-er's. Although it was sad to say goodbye (or rather, "see you later"), we packed our buses once again with another day in front of us, this time — to Bangor we go! (Insert your own joke here...)


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